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Lice Eradication Program

Drowning is a major cause of death for children in Thailand and we are currently teaching survival swimming and water safety to all fourth graders in the eleven Chiang Mai Municipal Schools. A major problem is that some 15% of children who could participate in the program cannot proceed because they have head lice.

CMIRC will coordinate with Bronco Kids Sports Club who provide the training and the eleven Chiang Mai municipal schools involved in the project to eradicate lice.

CMIRC has purchased lice detection combs to donate to the project and the Chiang Mai Municipal hospital has kindly donated 36 bottles of scabicide emulsion to eradicate lice.

The photo at left shows Hospital Director Paragorn Phakphoom passing on the gift to Rtn Aree and Inspiration Officer Areeya who appears to look forward mistakenly to enjoying a good drink. 

Editor's note: Inspiration Officer Areeya does not suffer from head lice, the photo above left is a stock image of a very bad case.


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