Drowning is the leading cause of juvenile deaths in Thailand. Our club offers every fourth-grade student in the eleven Chiang Mai municipal schools the chance to take fifteen hours of basic water survival training.


MTC was started by Dr. Cynthia Maung to provide medical care for Burmese migrants. Today, it's a community hub providing health care, education, and child protection. We plan to support them in relation to our service projects.


The Burma Children Medical Fund operates the B.K. Kee Patient House that provides accommodation for patients and their families who come to Chiang Mai for treatment. Club members visit the house weekly, interacting with the children, and providing recreation and support.


Myanmar refugees in Thailand can't receive an accredited high school diploma. Passing the American General Educational Development test gives them access to higher education. Our club supports BEAM by preparing students for successful completion of these tests.

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Vision has a great impact on how much and/or how quickly a child learns. Bad vision can interfere with learning. The project aims to screen children for eye problems, provide them with the correct spectacles free of charge, then follow-up with additional eye exams each year they’re in school.

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We aim to eliminate violence in schools, cultivate peace culture, and train future leaders by teaching students Aikido, a non-violent martial art. Students will develop self-confidence and inner discipline so that they can focus on studying.


Every year, our club organizes a Children’s Winter Clothing and School Supplies Appeal. We help collect warm winter clothes, shoes and stationery, and distribute it to children in need, living in the mountains of Northern Thailand.