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July 2022

Slowly, slowly Thailand is returning to normal, although the economy of Chiang Mai hasn't returned to pre-Covid robustness. Schools and our school-based service projects are back in operation. More tourists grace the streets of Chiang Mai and some days traffic seems to be back to "normal" gridlock.

However, some businesses haven't been able to hold on just a little longer. A few months ago, Promenada Mall, which never reached full potential pre-Covid, closed, and in June, the venerable (and delightfully quirky) 30-year old Kad Suan Kaew mall (above, left) proved to be vulnerable, announcing closure on July 1, just as airlines were planning the resumption of direct international flights into Chiang Mai later this year. Post-Covid Chiang Mai will not be the same as it was pre-Covid. Meanwhile pour your favorite cooling beverage and enjoy our most recent Bulletin.


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