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January 2023

Dear Reader,

It’s with great sadness that I have to inform you that Nancy Long Lindley, our beloved Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, and President-Elect passed away last month at 68 and leaves a hole in our club, hearts, and lives.

I have been bestowed the honor of serving as the new Editor for our CMIRC Bulletin. Let me take a minute to commend Nancy for her contributions to our Club. In my view, she was one of the most unassuming members. She often operated invisibly in the background while doing crucial work as a Treasurer and Bulletin Editor. I could imagine her drinking her favorite diet Coke by her computer with one of her cats lazily lying on her lap while she was working on the articles.

Even though I have all the accessories, diet Coke and lazy cat check, there will be changes to the Bulletin. The format will change to a more concise one. Our Bulletin will go through an evolution, so please bear with us while we experiment with the new layout. Expect the same quality reports and the same friendly voices. The love we have for our community and for the children we serve will not change either, I promise.

Yours Sincerely,

Viki Thomason



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