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CMIRC's Little Girl at Warm Heart in Phrao

For the past three years CMIRC has donated the proceeds of our 2nd quarter (the current quarter) raffle, which we conduct at each club meeting, to cover the yearly room and board costs of a foster child at the Warm Heart Foundation in Phrao.  For the past two years that child has been Nong Gai, now 15 years old and in 9th -grade (M-3).  I had the chance to visit her on my most recent trip to Phrao in October (photo, left)

She is growing up!  She says thank you to CMIRC for helping her to live and attend school in Phrao.  In her village, she was unable to attend school beyond 6th grade (P-6). (Nong Gai is pictured, right, with me and Evelind Schecter, the co-founder of Warm Heart Foundation, a year ago!)


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