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Winter Clothing & School Supplies Appeal 2020

The Chiang Mai International Rotary Club is once again launching its annual “Children’s Winter Clothing & School Supplies Appeal.” We aim to collect warm winter clothes, shoes as well as essential stationery and donate it to hill tribe and migrant children and youngsters throughout Northern Thailand.

The cold season can be tough on those sleeping rough or unable to afford proper clothing. We would like to offer a hand to those in desperate need of help and warmth.

Many government schools in Thailand do not have the basic resources at their disposal to meet their educational needs. They lack pencils, paper, books, and lots of items critical to learning effectively.

The Stationery & School Supplies Donation Initiative, part of the Winter Clothing Appeal by Chiang Mai International Rotary Club, is dedicated to helping these institutions throughout Northern Thailand by collecting and distributing essential supplies they need to provide quality education to their students.

What we need

  • Warm coats, jackets

  • Pullovers / sweatshirts / cardigans

  • Long-sleeve shirts and T-shirts

  • Long pants

  • Scarves

  • Caps

  • Socks (for school too) / warm tights

  • Closed-toe shoes and sneakers; formal school shoes

  • Backpacks

  • Stationery (pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, tapes, scissors, paper clips, glue, crayons, etc.)

  • A4 papers/colour papers

  • Notebooks

  • English-language children’s books

If your kids have outgrown some of their winter clothes and they’re just sitting in the back of the cupboard unused and unloved, then you can take them to a donations drop-off point between October 15 – December 1, 2020. These winter items will make a massive difference to vulnerable people.

Donations drop-off points

  • Rimping Meechok Plaza / Promenada / Nawarat Bridge / Nim City / Mae Hia / Kad Farang / Maya / Rimping @HomePro Sansai

  • Makro Hangdong

  • Makro Super Highway

  • Chiang Mai Expats Club General Meetings

  • CEC Breakfast Club Events

  • Chiang Mai International Rotary Club Meetings

  • and more locations to come!

No clothes are left behind

We will meticulously go through and sort the donated clothes and remove what’s damaged, dirty, or not appropriate.

Any items that are not suitable for children will be donated to Free Bird Pre-Loved Charity Shop, so nothing goes to waste.

How else can you help

If you don't have any warm clothes to give but would still like to help, we welcome donations of blankets, stationery, school supplies, and toiletries as well. Also, we are happy to receive monetary donations that we can use to purchase essential winter clothing items for those in need.

In the past, the tremendous support our donors have shown truly made a positive impact on the well-being of countless children. Now we're reaching out in hopes that this tradition can continue this year. We appreciate any help.


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