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Progress: Thailand Water & Sanitation Project Global Grant

PDG Mike Andritch of RC Fig Garden (Fresno) reports that fund raising has reached USD 88,000 and he fully expects to be over $100,000 by the end of February.

This breaks down as:

Rotary Clubs in District 5230

  • Visalia County Center Rotary Club: $15,000

  • Fig Garden Rotary Club: $21,000

  • Salinas Rotary Club $1,000

  • East Fresno Rotary Club: $15,000

  • Fresno Rotary Club: $15,000

  • Marina Rotary Club: $1,050

  • Visalia Breakfast Rotary Club: $15,000

Rotary Clubs in District 5300

  • Arcadia Rotary Club: $5,000

He is confident that they will surpass the goal to raise $100,000 from clubs matched by Districts and the Rotary Foundation to reach the ultimate goal of $280,000.


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