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Joy and Creativity: Heartwarming November Visits to the Patient House

In November, CMIRC members conducted two visits to the B.K. Kee Patient House, contributing to the residents' well-being. During the initial visit, Gary and Bill generously provided hygiene supplies, treats, and art materials. The patients and caregivers engaged in a lively round of Bingo, complete with prizes. Subsequently, they dedicated their time to crafting Christmas art, which would serve as vibrant decorations for the upcoming annual Christmas party.

On the second visit later in November, the addition of CMIRC member Gordona heightened the enjoyment of the gathering. A spirited game of B.K. Kee showcased the remarkable talent of the participants, resulting in an unforgettable experience filled with joyful singing and dancing.

After the game, patients and caregivers were provided drawing materials and encouraged to create winter landscapes and Christmas trees. The display of talent and creative expression was impressive!

The heartwarming interactions and collaborative artistic endeavors have undoubtedly contributed to a positive and festive atmosphere at the Patient House, reflecting the spirit of the holiday season.


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