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What Happened at Our Last Meeting

20 May meeting: One of the best I’ve ever attended. Full Stop! The room was beaming with positive energy. Let me start with describing President Joe’s closing comments. He was excited, he was happy and he spoke about how, in many ways, we are akin to the tiny seed which will eventually become the largest tree! We all felt the positive energy. There were two big things happened at this meeting. American Pacific International School came by with a contingent of 14 students and 3 teachers. I’ve written a separate article which I will include in this and a couple of other bulletins. The bottom line is the kids presented CMIRC with an amazing 3 part panel painting called “The Tree of Hope” and presented us with 15,000 baht which they raised to support the Child Protection Training Program at Mae Tao Clinic.

Amazing Students with Amazing Teacher and Very Happy Rotarians The main program was John Schorr and the Child Water Safety / Drown Proofing Team. They made an excellent presentation. John spoke of the future, about the possibility of being able to drown proof children throughout Thailand and all of Southeast Asia. What an amazing project! He also briefly discussed the possibility of finding commercial sponsors, applying for grants and even partnering with the Princess of Monaco who has a program by the same name. If this program had been the only thing at the meeting of the 20th we would have all went home well satisfied. However, there was a bit of a rush surprise which set the stage.

The Children's Water Safety Project Team


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