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The B.K. Kee Patient House 2022 Year-End Update

It has been a few months since I have been able to give an update on happenings at the Burma Children Medical Fund B.K. Kee Patient House. A lot has happened during that time, and we have been working hard to help. We continued our bi-weekly visits with frequent visitors like Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Pierce, Secretary Nick Dale, and Rotary Ann Pink, as well as our Youth Director Raphael Djemal.

During our visits, we bring essential supplies, snacks and fruits. We play Bingo, practice a little English or organize "B.K. Kee’s Got Talent." Sometimes, we play a variation of Musical Chairs where everybody gets in a circle and passes a ball around. When the music stops, the lucky winner (or loser depending on your perspective) gets to sing, dance, or get a mini-English lesson from me. The winner usually picks out a snack as a prize. As always, we share a lot of laughter.

In September, we purchased a new pavilion to replace the ageing sala that had become unsafe. A sala is an open-sided structure with a raised platform to provide shade and is used extensively at the House. The patients and caregivers cleaned up the area and disposed of the old structure.

In October, we purchased ten ceiling fans and three emergency lights. We had several visits from the Chiang Mai International School Interact Club students. I want to thank Klao and nursing student David for their excellent job acting as interpreters when we are there and for their around-the-clock work with the patients.

During November, we made two visits. We were fortunate to have four Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) students helping out on their final visit of this school term. The CMIS students do a marvelous job of helping the patients practice basic English skills with lessons that use workbooks and games. Also, we had an exciting visit by former Rotarian Debra Furlow, who brought a massive amount of art supplies, and we spent almost two hours painting.

CMIRC hosted a gift-wrapping party on December 6. Members and former members of the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) donated presents. We wrapped each gift anonymously for the B.K. Kee Christmas Party on December 10. We celebrated with food, song, and dance. We played "B.K. Kee's Got Talent." The prizes were gifts from our little gift mountain.


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