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The B.K. Kee Patient House in January 2023

The B.K. Kee House keeps rocking. As usual, we had two visits in January. Rotarian Bill Pierce led the first visit because I have been in the United States since Christmas. Bill told me that the growth in patient and caregiver numbers continued, with nearly 20 patients and many family members caring for their loved ones. During these trying times for the family, the greatest gift we can grant is the gift of laughter and an hour or so of fellowship. A rousing game of Bingo was at hand, where everybody won when the last player got a bingo on their card. Bill continued with an English lesson with the theme of body parts.

During our second visit, I enjoyed incredible team support, and everyone had a part! We had two major activities, and everyone pitched in. When I was involved in 2017-2019, Rotarian Mike Lake supplied sanitary kits for the residents, including soap, toothpaste and brushes, shampoo, Kleenex, Q-tips etc. I reinstated that this week with a purchase from Makro.

So, our first activity was to make up the kits. Then we distributed them to the residents and stored the extras for the future. There were lots of laughter and fellowship. One kid said, "It's Christmas all over again". As always, the help of David Htoo, one of our nursing scholarship students and B.K. Kee intern proved indispensable.

The second activity was our ever-changing and spontaneous B.K. Kee's Got Talent. When the music stops, the holder of the ball chooses to sing, dance or get a short English lesson with Gordana.

This week, we added a Thai class with Pink. I am always amazed at how many choose English lessons. However, just as many choose Thai, including one gentleman that already speaks better English than I do. An interesting twist was that a couple of the patients opted to recite selections from the Bible, one in his native language and the other in English. Bill played the music. He turned his back so that when the music stopped, he wouldn't know where the ball was. That is unlike I do it because I like to choose my victim.

Gordana did a great job with English lessons, Pink with Thai and Nick, as usual, added his quiet support in the background. All I did was pretend to take photos and shaky videos. Thank you all!


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