Spam is Back to Re-energize the Meeting Raffle

What a great way to welcome 2021! Thanks to detective work from CP Roger, we welcome the return of Spam as one of the meeting raffle prizes courtesy of Thailand's creaky answer to Amazon.com, Lazada. And this isn't ordinary Spam, no it's special Spam made in the good, ole USA for the South Korean market. While not mentioned in the Time magazine story below, South Korea is the biggest market for Spam outside the U.S. Roger found multiple sources for Spam on Lazada -- all originating from Korean food stores in Thailand.

We found the version offered in Korea to somehow taste fresher and be more appealing that what we remembered of the U.S. Spam. Maybe because the recipe changed in 2009 with the addition of a small amount of potato starch to mop up the gelatin layer that used to form on the top of the meat and greeted customers when they opened the can. Gee, has it been that long since Roger and I opened a can of Spam or have we been opening cans that were produced before 2009? While Spam hasn't been available in general grocery stores in Thailand for a couple years, maybe it hasn't been imported into those stores since before 2009.