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Seeing Angels

By Nancy Lindley & Jerry Nelson

Seeing Angels! One group are the amazing  people at Bronco Kids who took it upon themselves to distribute free food to some of those in need in Chiang Mai. The operation was amazing!  Normally the folks at Bronco Kids Sports Club would be conducting sports programs for kids, including the CMIRC's Children's Water Safety and Drowning Preventing Program for the Chiang Mai municipal schools.   

Five stations were set up: drinks, cabbage, eggs, dry food and prepared meals. People started lining up as early as 6:00 a.m. knowing that some of the stations would have fewer items than others. Arriving around 9:30 and the queue was longer than the eye could see. Distribution began at 10:00 and continued until the line dissipated. Local police came by and helped with traffic control. The owner. Khun Pomme and many of the swim instructors were on hand. This is the Thailand that we love!

C.P. Roger was able to help the little "Green Store" mini-mart in his condo building by purchasing items from them to donate to Bronco Kids' food distribution program. The owner's husband gave him a lift over to Bronco Kids for delivery. He's pictured above with Kru Payu, the swim instructor and Khun Pomme, owner of Bronco Kids.

Other CMIRC members donated food items, as well. Below right are husband/wife Rotarians Maliwan and Jerry donating eggs with swim instructor Kru Payu.


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