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Team Evaluates Ophthalmological Anomalies in Students

CMIRC’s school-based programs are usually quiet during school exams and summer break in March and April. However, thanks to a generous grant from the Rotary Club of Spokane 21 and Rotary District 5080, Washington State, our School Vision Screening Program (SVSP) has been able to offer evaluations to children with potential ophthalmological anomalies.

We arranged for these children to be examined by ophthalmologist Dr Tayakorn Kupakanjana (also known as Dr Nickie) at Saint Peter Eye Hospital in Chiang Mai during the summer break. If a prescription is needed, our Optician, Khun One at One Glasses, will fill it at his store. These services are best provided when school is not in session, as they would take place during the school day.

This year, out of the 800+ children we screened, CMIRC Rotarian Yao, above, identified 12 students who may require specialized ophthalmological services. Many thanks to Project Co-Director Honorary CMIRC Member Phijitra Schorr for organizing these appointments and attending all of them!

Here are some pictures showing the process:

Phijitra confirming student information.

Gathering data.

Dr Nickie at work.

Checking out and learning about visiting the optician.

The leadership at Saint Peter Eye Hospital Dr Nickie and Dr Pithak Kitcharoen (founder of Saint Peter Eye Hospital) with Phijitra and me.

Optician One and team at One Glasses.

She has the new glasses prescribed by Dr Nickie.


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