Rotary Day 2016

Who knew that there were so many Rotary Clubs in the area? Chiang Mai North and Thin Thai Nam yes, but the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Doi Suthep? The Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Airport? It appears that Rotarians thrive in tropical climates.

This past Tuesday, those clubs and more packed the back of JJ Market for Chiang Mai’s first Rotary Day. The set-up for the day-long event was frenzied for the first hour (CMIRC secretary Jerry Nelson arrived sans belt!), but by 9 a.m. things had settled into place, with the iced coffee booth open and the band playing golden oldies such as “Take Me Home, Country Road” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It.” And once Roger Lindley and John Schorr had solved an electrical problem and powered up the projector for the Children’s Water Safety Program video, things were looking good.

Children's Water Safety program champion John Schorr with swimming instructors Kru Payu (in blue) and Kru Garn (in plaid).

The morning festivities opened with a bang when Thai Rotary Club members commandeered the stage a little after 9, sang a medley of Rotary songs, and popped confetti tubes over the cheering crowd gathered for the District Governor’s opening speech. Those remarks were followed by the official induction of Jean Brookens, Ken Brookens, and Josh Limalima into the CMIRC - and, of course, by group photos (also, due to Maliwan’s heroics, Jerry now had his belt!).

Chiang Mai Rotarians singing and "popping off" to launch Rotary Day 2016.

Chiang Mai District Governor Surasak Prugsiganont (in pink) welcomed Ken Brookens, Jean Brookens and Jowell (Josh) Limalima into the Rotary family Tuesday morning.