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Report of the CMIRC Nominating Committee

The CMIRC Nomination Committee is composed of the Immediate Past President John Schorr, the current President Roger Lindley, and the President Elect, Dylan Thomason. After consulting with members and potential candidates the CMIRC Nominating Committee nominates the following candidates to join President Dylan Thomason on the 2021-2022 CMIRC Board Directors:

  • President Elect (2021-2022): Viki Thomason

  • Secretary: Nick Dale

  • Treasurer: Nancy Lindley

  • Foundation Chair: Roger Lindley

  • Membership Chair: Viki Thomason

At the CMIRC Club Meeting on November 3, the floor will be opened for additional nominations for the above positions. The election of the 2021-2022 CMIRC Board will take place at the CMIRC Annual Meeting on December 1, 2020.

Candidates for three Board-level positions have not yet been identified for 2021-2022. We need a Service Projects Committee Chairperson, a Fundraising Committee Chairperson, and a Youth Programs Chairperson. If you wish to volunteer to serve in one of these positions or, if you wish to nominate another CMIRC member, please contact P Roger or IPP John.

Other non-Board leadership roles for RY 2021-2022 where volunteers have been identified include:

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Bill Pierce

  • Public Image: Roger Lindley

  • Webmaster: Viki Thomason

  • CMIRC Bulletin Editor: Nancy Lindley

The Nominating Committee wants to thank all who have agreed to have their name placed in nomination for leadership roles in 2021-2022. We hope that other members who have an interest in any of these roles will also step forward to seek these offices.

We have not yet identified leadership for Service Projects, Fundraising, and Youth Programs, please consider volunteering to have your name placed in nomination for these important leadership roles.


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