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Planning for a Return to the Pools for Water Safety Instruction

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) - Kru Payu Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program (CWSDPP)

Unfortunately, the schools where we conduct our CWSDPP remain closed due to Covid-19. Since we are a school-based program, we have not been able to teach survival swimming and water safety this month, but there is still much to report for March.

It now appears that we will be able to restart our programs in Chiang Mai and Phrao when the new school year begins in May. Our swim instructor teams and facilities in Chiang Mai and Phrao are ready to teach survival swimming and water safety when the schools reopen! If our program donors continue their generous support this year we will have sufficient funding so that the 4th grade students who missed the program this past school year can be included in next year’s program. This will essentially double the size of our programs in Chiang Mai and in Phrao, since we will be teaching all new 4th-graders at our schools AND all 5th-graders who missed the program last year due to Covid-related school closures. So, it will be a busy year!!

In order to prepare for the next school year our CMIRC CWSDPP team met with the Chiang Mai Municipal Schools Directors of Education and Administration to discuss this year’s plans for our programs. Both directors are new to Chiang Mai this year, so it was an important information sharing meeting. Thank you to Khun Pomme at Bronco Kids Sport Club (pictured, below, in the striped brown shirt) for organizing and hosting the meeting.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the generous support of our partners, sponsors and donors, so below is a list of these generous organizations!! This year we want to especially thank them for their patience as we have faced so many delays.

Special thanks also to individual donors Richard Murray and an anonymous donor, and for the continued support from Ian Bushell. If you wish to help, please contact Project Champion John Schorr at for more information.

CMIRC Member Volunteer Hours for the Month of March: Total: 30 (Chair - 15, Committee Members - 5 Volunteers - 10).

CMIRC Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Team and Sponsors


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