Philanthropy Connections Launches 'Free Meals' Initiative

One of our long-term project partners, Philanthropy Connections is looking to sponsor 80 free meals a day, provided for the poorest and most vulnerable living in the Chiang Mai area.

Chiang Mai's population is highly dependent on tourism dollars and casual labor. Because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city is experiencing an economic downturn. Unfortunately, the past few months have seen an ever-worsening situation, which has brought many people to the brink of desperation. According to estimates, more than 100,000 people have become unemployed and left without a safety net.

Philanthropy Connections partnered with Monsoon Tea, a social enterprise with a big heart for the local community, to address the immediate needs of some of these people. Led by Sallo Polak, the NGO assists with setting up the framework, promoting the initiative and helping find sponsors willing to support this noble cause, and Monsoon Tea prepares and distributes the food to the people in greatest need.

Monsoon Tea will offer the following:

• 80 food boxes per day;

• each box containing a single dish cooked in their kitchen;

• a menu changing daily; and

• food distribution at their Wat Ket location on a first-come-first-served basis.

The cost of a meal is 30 Bt. Philanthropy Connections is looking to support this initiative for 90 days at 2,400 THB per day.

We would like to appeal to our generous community to help raise funds to sponsor these meals. For more information on how to donate money for this specific cause, please contact Sallo Polak directly at sallo@philanthropyconnections.org.

We appreciate your help.

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