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May 2022

It's Hot In Thailand... And it looks like our service projects are going to heat up soon. Daily COVID-19 case counts, and more importantly, deaths, are slowly and steadily moving downward. The predicted rise in Covid cases after the mid-April Thai New Year's multi-day Songkran holiday never materialized (yeah!) and local public school officials seem confident that children will return to classes in just a few weeks, after the traditional summer late-March to mid-May holiday. That's when the weather is hot and nasty in Thailand.

Our Chiang Mai International Rotary Club members have used this time to stay cool, plan for upcoming projects and do some travel in Thailand, noticing that some foreign tourists are starting to return. We hope to have news of activity in the schools soon.

Meanwhile pour your favorite cooling beverage, and get yourself in front of a fan to settle down and enjoy our most recent Bulletin, below.


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