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May 2021

We'd just gotten over the second Covid-19 wave spread at New Year's holiday events and resumed in-person club meetings and service project activity, when the third Covid-19 wave hit Thailand and Chiang Mai province with a vengeance in early April. Young adults partying in entertainment venues was the cause, and the spread out of Bangkok was fueled by the Thai government's decision to permit travel during the multi-day April Songkran holiday when traditionally younger working people and students return to visit their older relatives in their villages. It's thought that most of the third wave infections are of the newer, more infectious variant.

Above is a graph of the confirmed cases for Chiang Mai province where the local health department made a wise decision to quarantine asymptomatic patients at the local convention center for fourteen days to reduce spread among family members and the public. Predictably it has come to be called "Camp Covid" and videos have emerged of the mostly young, seemingly healthy "patients" engaging in a variety of hijinks, but given that the average dead Covid-19 victim has been age 66 with pre-existing conditions, letting the young, asymptomatic patients have some fun seems to be a small price to keep them isolated. This is from the perspective of someone who is age 67 with pre-existing conditions.

Meanwhile, some of our members are now traveling to their home countries for the purpose of obtaining Covid-19 vaccines, with the knowledge that they may not be able to return to Thailand for many months. Details about when vaccination will be widely available in Thailand, which vaccines will be available and if/when foreigners can be vaccinated are uncertain. The club will continue to operate via Zoom meetings, isolating its non-vaccinated members as best as possible.


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