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July 2023

July is here, bringing with it the joy of Thai holidays and the introduction of our new President, Mr. Roger Lindley. Also, this is the best time to observe the beauty of the rainy season, which blesses us with lush landscapes and the opportunity to explore breathtaking waterfalls. As we embrace the spirit of celebration and leadership, let us take a moment to highlight the upcoming festivities.

This month, we come together to honor the birthday of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn (on the right) on July 28th. This national holiday is filled with grand festivities. It is a time of reverence and appreciation. We wish His Majesty a joyous and prosperous year ahead.

Amidst the festivities, we warmly welcome our new President Roger. With his wealth of experience in community service and his passion for making a positive impact, we are confident that under his guidance, CMIRC will continue to thrive.

Here is short bio of our Charter President and President for Rotary Year 2023-2024:

President Roger Lindley claims Charleston, South Carolina, USA, his “growing up home”. Roger holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Roger and his wife, Nancy, worked for about 20 years with the Dow Chemical Company in engineering, and management roles. After downsizing from Dow, they started a boutique rose nursery near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Roger was a member of Kiwanis for about ten years in the USA. He became a Rotarian in 2006 at the Rotary Club of Belleville in Michigan, USA.

Upon retirement to Thailand, Roger joined the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai West. He left this club in 2013 to become the sponsoring Charter President of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club.

Roger has served as President of CMIRC for Rotary Years 2013-2014; 2014-2015; 2020-2021, and 2023-2024. He has filled positions and committee membership in every committee and chairmanship except for Treasurer in CMIRC.

Roger and Nancy also sponsored the creation of the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club Foundation, which was created under Thai law in August 2022 and has a present funding value of about 10,000,000 Baht.


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