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Halfway Tally: School Vision Screening Reaches 400 Underprivileged Students

We are already more than halfway through our SVSP in the eleven municipal schools and the Wat Suan Dok School this year! Our CMIRC SVSP team has now screened almost 400 3rd and 5th graders, and our optician has written and filled prescriptions for 71 pairs of glasses for these children. We average about 15 volunteers at our screenings, and we have had as many as 20 volunteers. None of what we do would be possible without our well-trained and experienced volunteers!

Because the children we serve are very poor, almost none have ever had glasses before, despite in some cases, only being able to read the first or second line on the distance eye chart! What a difference glasses will make in their lives!

Because we visit the same schools each year, we can follow up with the students who received glasses the previous year. We interview all students who are still attending the same school they attended when we prescribed the glasses the previous year. Probably the most important question we ask is: Do you think the glasses we gave you helped you with your studies in school? 86% replied yes to that question!

Because some children lose or break their glasses over the year or their prescription may change, we re-examine them each year they are attending the same school. So far this year, we have written and filled replacement or new prescriptions for 53 children. Please note that most families we serve in the municipal schools cannot afford to replace the glasses their children lose or break or to have them re-examined by an optician at a private shop.

For those who want to see the screening process, check out this video:

For those who want to see the delivery of the glasses and receive instructions on the care and use of prescription glasses, check out this video:

Finally, we want to thank our partners in the SVSP: Rotary Club Spokane 21, The Chiang Mai Municipal Schools, the Rotary Club Chiang Mai-Wattana, and a special thank you to Eyewear Designs, Ltd of Bethpage, LI, NY, USA for donating all the children’s frames!


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