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Golf Ball Drop 2018

By Roger & Nancy Lindley

Hello CMIRC Rotarians and Club Supporters, On 3rd of March 2018, we will be having our Golf Ball Drop fundraiser in association with the Thailand International Balloon Festival. This is a major fundraiser for our club and funds raised go exclusively to supporting our many local projects associated with children's health, safety and education. We have developed an info sheet (see below) to help with the sales effort. The past two events each raised about 135,000 Baht to support our projects. This year we hope, through all of our dedicated group efforts, to raise more than 200,000 Baht. We have significantly expanded our projects over the past several years and consequently need to raise more funds to support our good efforts in our community. We will be talking more about the fundraiser during the coming months. Go forth and sell! Regards in Rotary Service, Roger and Nancy Lindley Fundraiser Co-champions

2018 CMIRC Golf Ball Drop Information Points

  • This is a major fundraiser for CMIRC with all proceeds being used to fund the club’s projects for children’s health, safety and education.

  • The event is in conjunction with the Thailand International Balloon Festival.

  • Big balloons fly in the early morning, while big and small balloons are tethered and fly about 100 feet high for evening “Night Glows” when visitors can enjoy food from major hotels and restaurants, children’s games, live music and browse the many craft items for sale.

  • Golf ball price is 1000 Baht each. No more than 300 golf balls will be sold.

  • Numbered golf balls will be dropped from a tethered balloon at sunset on the second evening of the Festival, Saturday, March 3rd.

  • Three cash prizes awarded for the three numbered balls landing closest to the hole -- 30,000 Baht ($US940), 10,000 Baht ($US310) and 5,000 Baht ($US155).

  • The winner does not have to be present to win.

  • Worst case odds scenario is 1 chance in 100 of being one of three winners – assuming all 300 balls are sold.

  • Holders of GBD tickets will receive free entry to the Festival the evening of March 3rd.

  • Tickets can be sold internationally to friends and Rotarians. Ticket price is $US 32.00

  • Payment can be made by: cash payment, bank transfer to Rotary’s account or by Paypal payment to

  • The event this year is at the Cowboy Army Riding Club on Saturday 3rd of March at sunset. Map to event at

  • CMIRC Rotarians need to sell in order to support our children’s projects. Get your Golf Ball Drop tickets from Nancy Lindley who is maintaining the sales data base. Return cash received and filled in ticket stubs to Treasurer John Schorr promptly after making a sale.


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