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School Vision Screening: CMIRC Transforming Lives with Clear Sight

With the completion of our School Vision Screening Program for this Rotary Year, the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) is delighted to share the progress made in our mission.

Over the course of July 2022 to June 2023, our dedicated team successfully screened around 800 children. We provided 147 students with new glasses tailored to their specific needs. Optician Khun One of One Glasses has prescribed, made, and delivered all of them. Furthermore, we addressed the unique eye problems of 12 youths who received comprehensive examinations and prescriptions by Ophthalmologist Dr Tayakorn Kupakanjana (Dr Nickie) at Saint Peter Eye Hospital, thanks to the collaboration between our organizations.

The outcomes of our efforts have been truly gratifying. We want to thank our 25 volunteers who conducted the screenings at the 12 schools we served and our principal sponsors, the Rotary Club of Spokane 21 and Rotary District 5080, for their invaluable support in funding this year's program. We appreciate Eyewear Designs of Bethpage, NY, for their generous donation of hundreds of high-quality frames for children's eyeglasses.

Looking ahead, preparations are already underway for next year's School Vision Screening Program (SVSP), where our focus will again be on examining all 3rd and 5th-grade students at Chiang Mai Municipal Schools and the Wat Suan Dok School. We hope to be working with the Rotary Club of Spokane and Rotary District 5080 again, continuing our commitment to serving children whose vision is impaired.

The joy of witnessing them experience clear vision for the first time in their lives remains a remarkable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

For those who want to see the screening process, check out this video:


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