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Clear Vision for Tomorrow: 4th Year Impact Report on School Vision Screening

The CMIRC SVSP proudly concludes its 4th year of vision screening and the distribution of prescription glasses across eleven Chiang Mai Municipal Schools and Wat Suan Dok School. This year, our dedicated team screened 755 3rd and 5th-graders, with 115 students receiving free prescription glasses through our program.


Screening Process Highlights

  1. Registration

  • All students undergo temperature screening and receive masks.

  • Basic identification information is collected.

  1. Near Vision Test

  • All students are tested for close vision using digital reading panels.

  1. Distance Vision Test

  • Comprehensive testing is conducted to assess students' distance vision.

  1. Evaluation

  • Test results and screener comments are reviewed by the project chair.

  • Another volunteer checks for eye anomalies such as strabismus and amblyopia.

  • Students are directed to the on-site optician for further examination and prescriptions if necessary or provided with reading glasses only.

  • Those without issues proceed to the check-out.

  1. Optician

  • Professional examinations are conducted, and prescriptions are written if needed.

  1. Frame Selection

  • Students with prescriptions choose frames of their liking.

  • Over-the-counter reading glasses are available for those with minor reading issues.

  1. Check Out

  • All children return their registration forms.

  • Those with prescriptions submit their selected frames and receive information on the distribution date for their new glasses.

  1. Distribution Day

  • CMIRC SVSP Program Co-Chairs John and Phijitra Schorr with Optician One return to schools to distribute and fit the prescription glasses.

  • Instructions on glasses care and usage are provided.

Additional Impact

  • Referrals and returnees from teachers and previous years amounted to 120, with 114 receiving new prescription glasses.

  • Children identified with eye anomalies were referred to the consulting ophthalmologist at Saint Peter Eye Hospital.



A heartfelt THANK YOU to our partners, donors, sponsors, and volunteers, including the Chiang Mai Municipal Schools.


We look forward to continuing our mission of promoting children's eye health in years to come.


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