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CMIRC Delivers Clothing Donations to School For Life

The Chiang Mai International Rotary Club delivered 638.76 kg (1,408 lbs) of children's clothing donations to School for Life Chiang Mai in Doi Saket. We distributed warm clothes to the School three years ago and were planning to return this year.

The organization provides housing and care for 134 ethnic Thai, Shan, Karen, Kayan, and Hmong children from difficult backgrounds. In the beginning, the target group were AIDS orphans. However, in the meantime, many other children came to live in School for Life. Among them were children who lost their relatives in the tsunami, children whose parents were killed or are missing, and children who escaped abuse.

School for Life provides for their basic needs, offers psychosocial and medical care, and a new home aims to make the best possible education available for them and respects their right to a happy childhood.


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