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Children's Water Safety Program Empowers Hundreds of Youths

Now that the Rotary Year is nearing an end, it is a perfect time to reflect on the achievements of the CMIRC Children's Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program (CWSDPP) in Chiang Mai and Phrao over the past year.

We taught survival swimming and water safety to all 4th and 5th-graders at the 11 Chiang Mai Municipal Schools and 11 schools in Phrao (in 7 classes because some schools were small) as well as 4th-graders at the Wat Suan Dok School in Chiang Mai. With an average of around 20 children per course, we successfully conducted 37 swim courses, dedicating 15 hours of instruction to each group. As a result, we had the privilege of teaching survival swimming and water safety skills to a remarkable 740 children this year!

If you wish to learn about the impact of our program and understand its significance, check out this video:

Looking ahead to the next year, we are thrilled to share some exciting news. Our major donor based in Bangkok has generously committed to funding the CMIRC CWSDPP for 11 schools in Phrao once again! In addition, this donor is also dedicated to help us expand our program to include the largest school in Phrao, which boasts five 4th-grade classes. So, his contributions have fully funded swim courses for 325 poor students in Phrao this year. We are so grateful!

As for our Chiang Mai Program, we are delighted to announce that the Rotary Club of Seattle 4 Foundation has graciously awarded us a substantial grant of $5,000 for the upcoming year! Furthermore, we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of a longstanding local donor who has committed an additional 36,000 Baht this year. Also, our partners at the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Wattana seem enthusiastic about continuing our program at the Wat Suan Dok School. It means that all the new 4th-grade students in Chiang Mai will have the opportunity to develop their survival swimming and water safety skills.

Thank you to all who have supported our program in the past and those who continue to champion it in the future. Through your unwavering dedication and contributions, we can ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our communities. Together, we are making a profound impact!


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