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Be the Inspiration

By Jerry Nelson

We all receive inspiration from different sources. On 30 May, I received a great reminder; our efforts do pay results. I had arrived at the bus station in Chiang Mai for my trip to Mae Sot, the 2nd trip for the month! Standing there, I was watching people crowd ahead of me to check their bags, just wanting the trip to be over when suddenly my inspiration was standing right in front of me.

“Hello Jerry, are you going to Mae Sot too”? It was Myo Sandar Win (Miki) standing there next to Khin Twel Win (Smile).

Miki and Smile are two students from Mae Tao Clinic who just successfully completed their G.E.D. test at BEAM in Chiang Mai. It was such a delight to see them. Their journeys are far from over, but with the G.E.D. in their CV’s they have opportunities never before possible.

At lunch I spoke with them. They are both working on getting scholarships or other funding so they can attend Chiang Mai University. Smile is interested in nursing and, for the next three months, will volunteer at the Mae Tao Clinic where she will work in patient registration. Miki wants to study Social Science to be an organization coordinator. She hopes to volunteer at Mae Tao Clinic’s Child Development Center for the next three months.

The theme for RY 2018-2019 is “Be The Inspiration”. It cuts both ways for me. Hopefully our Rotary work will inspire others and certainly young people like Miki and Smile inspire me!


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