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An Appeal to Travelers

By Jerry Nelson

Are you coming to Chiang Mai? Interested in helping some of our projects? Depending on the timing, you might be able to see some of our projects. For example, you can join a tour of the Mae Tao Clinic, see article above. No matter when you come to Chiang Mai, you can help.

Are you coming up from Australia? Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the wonderful people who make the Trekker Teddies that we distribute to needy children.

Are you coming from any point overseas where it’s cold in the winter? Please consider stopping by your local Salvation Army or other used clothing store and picking up some used children’s winter clothing. We will distribute them to needy hilltribe children during our winter clothing appeal. We accept donations year around.

When you stay in a hotel, virtually anywhere, you are given toiletries. Bring what you don’t for us. We make hospital kits from them because patients in government hospitals are expected to provide their own toiletries.


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