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What Happened

By Mike Lake

Odds & Ends from the December 15th, 2015, meeting: The club welcomed three new members, Maliwan Kaew-Amphai and Tom & Cindy Johnson - congratulations! Jerry gave a fascinating presentation on the importance of words called "The Power of Clarity in your Articulation." Highlights from the talk included avoiding use of disempowering words such as "don't," and "won't," choosing empowering words (for example, "remember the ice" rather than "don't forget the ice."), and eliminating the word "should" from our vocabularies.

Meeting guests included Elsie Choy, charter member and president-elect of Chiang Mai North Rotary, Thin Thai Ngam Rotary president Kawita Tunprasert, and Curtis Dalrymple from the Bellingham, Wa Sunrise Rotary Club. In other news, treasurer John Shorr announced that 25% of members have paid their 2016 dues.

In Happy Baht news, Nancy was glad not to have been charged for her cap at the dentist, Maliwan felt good about donating blood to a friend in the hospital, Cindy rejoiced at finally finishing her fall semester grading at APIS, and Colin was happy that the club was happy that he was at the meeting. Finally, Patty solved the banner problem with velcro! Happy holidays to all.


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