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Unity Concord Int'l School Interact Returns to Chiang Rai Orphanage

This story is compiled from entries on the Facebook page of Unity Concord International School:

In November, members of the Interact club of Unity Concord International School returned to Baan Pak Dek Praporn orphanage in Chiang Rai province for the second consecutive year. They brought up donations from the school's Pillow Drive, inspected the donated bunk beds in the orphanage's newly built dormitory buildings, painted murals and continued to build relationship with the children. The students spent the weekend playing and hanging out with the kids, and when they left, there was not a dry eye to be found.

CMIRC liaison, Rtn. Brian is in the foreground, right, greeting the kids at the orphanage.

Here is what one of the UCIS students wrote: "These three days are the highlight of 2019 for me. I'm so happy to be here again and meet these cute and sweet kids for the second time. They have much grown up from last year. Not only their heights, but also their personalities.

"There also have new buildings, rooms, beds & pillows now. I can see they are very happy about it and appreciate it. I hope they can keep growing happily and healthily, love each other and always don't forget to thank to god. Next time, I wanna prepare better than this time, and make unforgettable memories with them together in every single minute.

"They are one of the biggest motivations to study hard and always do my best. I hope I can be their comfort and power as well. I Love them so much! God bless them and love them."


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