The Rotary Brand

Many people don’t know much about Rotary. Together, we can change that.

Despite more than a century of Rotarians creating change in communities around the globe, many people don’t understand what Rotary is, how we’re different, and why they should engage with us. To thrive in the 21st century, Rotary needs a strong identity. And while every Rotarian’s experience is unique, how we tell Rotary’s story should be consistent. You can help by following these simple steps.

Celebrate our new look and feel

How can you help keep Rotary’s identity strong?

Around the world, you find the Rotary wheel along roadsides, in parks, and on sponsored projects. While no two clubs are exactly alike, our wheel signals that what Rotary represents – people coming together to move our communities forward – is the same everywhere.

Like the Nike swoosh, the power of the Rotary wheel is in its consistency. When an organization refreshes its logo, as Rotary did in 2013, using the updated mark is critically important.

That’s why Rotary International created the Brand Center to help clubs use Rotary’s refreshed logo consistently and correctly.

Visit www.rotary.org/brandcenter often to find:

  • High-resolution logos and graphics you can download

  • A quick start guide to refreshing your club website