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The Food Initiative in January

January is the start of a new year and our Food Initiative continues. The need for food supplementation in Chiang Mai province is not diminishing. CMIRC continues the crusade fighting hunger, in January contributing 55,527 THB toward the Food Initiative, and providing 36 hours of volunteer time.

CMIRC continues to work with The Human Rights Development Foundation. In January we delivered 200 bags, each filled with 2 kg of rice, 3 cans of fish, 6 packages of noodles, oil, fish sauce, milk, and sanitary napkins. The deliveries this month went to migrant worker camps in Hang Dong and Chiang Dao.

(Rotarians Nicha and Bill T. with a representative of The Human Rights Development Foundation.)

The dedicated staff at Urban Light’s community center for boys at risk of exploitation continues to provide community support in efforts to provide food for the hungry. As requested by Urban Light, CMIRC is providing only nonperishable food items to the community center. Urban Light is in the process of relocating to a space across from the northeast corner of Old City. They have successfully completed their move and are finishing setting up!

Many thanks to all the people so generous with the time and money. The need is great and the generosity is deeply appreciated.


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