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The Food Initiative in June

It is a great honor to work with all the Rotarians to help others. Unfortunately, we have relocated to Phuket and will be working with another great group of Rotarians. It is our hope that someone will quickly fill the void we are leaving in Chiang Mai. We also will continue to work with CMIRC to help both of the clubs. Thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided for Nicha and me.

Editor's Note: Bill & Nicha have led our Food Initiative organizing food deliveries for out-of-work Thai people and migrants during the Covid pandemic. They are relocating to Phuket, where they will continue their Rotary activities. Chiang Mai is now opening up, with increased activity in the tourism and construction sectors. So, the need for food supplementation appears to be reduced. With Bill and Nicha leaving, CMIRC doesn't have the resources to research if the need continues and how to best address any need. We're a small club, with members wearing many hats. Please consider joining us if you'd like to help address this need.


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