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The CMIRC Food Initiative in September 2021

Sadly, the North Gate Jazz Coop will not continue to be a food distribution point any longer due to cost. However, Nicha and I met with the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) to discuss helping out-of-work residents in migrant camps which were some of the groups the North Gate Jazz Coop were assisting. We have contributed to camps in Hang Dong and Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai province.

CMIRC has been purchasing goods to assemble food bags for donation. We have a shopping list of rice, noodles, oil, canned fish, fish oil, milk and sanitary napkins. We are coordinating with HRDF to deliver the assembled bags for distribution to the migrant camps. During the month of September we donated 200 bags of food and supplies valued at 43,326 THB.

We were also able secure 7,000 THB in additional government funds by spending a total of 60,000 thb at Makro during September. Some of those items have been held back for inclusion in our October food bags. CMIRC has allocated 20,000 baht/month (100 food/supply bags) from the club's general fund for the Food Initiative, and individual donations from club members and friends have permitted us to make additional donations as we did in September and to take advantage of the nice 7,000 THB contribution from the government. Thank you all who have contributed! Sadly, the need continues.


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