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Teddy Trekkers Flock to Omkoi and Mae Sot

In February, we were fortunate to receive an anonymous donation of 15,000 baht. This gift will help us to continue sending teddy bears to sick children for another two months.

Last month, we sent 30 teddies to Omkoi Hospital (photos of happy recipients below). In addition, 10 Teddy Trekkers travelled to the Burma Children Medical Fund's clinic in Mae Sot. Teddies travel in style: they transit in their new Teddy Bags, complete with the CMIRC logo. We are hoping to add Nakornping Hospital to our distribution list.

Would you like to help?

Lonely patients of all ages, who may not be in their home countries or with their loved ones, who may have lonely moments or nights in a hospital, nursing home, or care center, recovering from treatment, have no one to cuddle or talk to for those special conversations. Next time you look at your grandchildren, nephews, and nieces cuddling their teddy and the joy it gives them, think of how a teddy would make such a difference to a lonely child or even an adult receiving medical care.

We pack each teddy into a CMIRC tote bag. Currently, we distribute Teddy Trekkers to the B.K. Kee Patient House, the Burma Children Medical Fund in Mae Sot, and Omkoi hospital in Chiang Mai Province.

Teddies in Person

Please bear in mind, from a safety aspect, these teddies are mostly going to children. If you wish to send teddy bears to CMIRC, please list your donation as a gift or of nominal value for customs purposes. Ordinary post is cheaper and more reliable than commercial delivery services.

Our postal address is:

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club

P.O. Box 76, Phrasingh Post Office

Chiang Mai, 50200


Financial Support

Please, contact Interim Treasurer John Schorr at, if you wish to make a monetary donation. We have found a local source for cuddly teddy bears in sizes suitable for our Teddy Bag for around 220 baht (less than US$7) each.


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