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Teddies Trekkers Keep Conquering Remote Locations in Chiang Mai

In April, we sent another shipment of trauma bears to Omkoi Hospital in the southwesternmost part of Chang Mai Province. For those of you who do not know, Omkoi is a district about a four-hour drive from Chiang Mai town. The area is one of the poorest in the province.

Check out the following photographs of hospital staff distributing teddy bears to their new owners. How wonderful to see smiles of joy and gratefulness!

The hospital administration is as grateful as the patients for the Teddy Trekkers the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club sends them. They would love to receive anything from 50 to 100 teddy bears every month. They have so many young patients! In addition, they assist other hospitals in the area so they can distribute more.

Trauma bears play an important role in modern society. They are distributed to the fire, ambulance, police and other organisations to be given to people in need. These unassuming teddy bears provide therapeutic and emotional relief. They are gifts that last, and provide soothing comfort to whoever holds them in their arms. They are your best friend in your darkest hours. Sometimes, they are your only friend. But they are always there for you and will listen to whatever you say.

Help us put a smile on more children's faces. Do you have any suggestions on ways of support? Please send your ideas to Nick Dale at


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