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Teddy Bear Review for January

In January four teddies went to new patients and carers at the Burma Children Medical Fund's B. K. Kee Patient House, so the current patients were able to see the joy their work (all paper bags and pictures that accompany the teddies are painted by B. K. Kee patients) gives to recipients of the teddy parcels. (one of the new patients is pictured, left, with her new teddy) In Mae Sot, life is very quiet in the arrivals department of new patients due to the continual high rate of Covid infections.

CMIRC B.K. Kee Project Champion Bill Pierce, patients, and teddies are all excited for the day when restrictions are lifted and we can socialize. A teddy bear picnic is planned.

Meanwhile, I serve as foster father for the teddies-in-waiting (below) for their assignment to future patients either here in Chiang Mai or Mae Sot.

The good news is Teddy Land is gratefully receiving new donations, and the CMIRC Board voted unanimously for the third club meeting 3rd quarter raffle funds to go to the B. K. Kee Teddy Fund. Thank you, thank you all. This means many more happy faces and cuddles.

Our next activity is to give B. K. Kee House patients paints, paper bags, and art paper so that the patients can show off their artistic skills for future teddy deliveries.


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