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Rotaract Club of Payap University September Report

September with the Rotaract Club of Payap University (RCPYU) saw some special activity in addition to course finals. As a follow-up to the August 27, 2019 meeting, two projects were initiated during September.

The first project was to participate in the Payap Millennial Sales Fair on September 13, 2019. The Hospitality Industry Management (HIM) students at Payap International College organized a “Millennial Sales Fair” event on the 13th of September 2019, with proceeds to be donated to the Wat Don Chan Orphanage. The RCPYU saw an opportunity in conducting a fundraising activity at the event, especially since we had previously discussed the prospect of raising funds on behalf of the Wat Don Chan Orphanage. Furthermore, funds were needed to cover the costs of our planned book drive for Mae La Refugee Camp schools (delivery, transport, etc.), as noted below. We decided to conduct a face painting experience at our booth with a “donations” model.

The fee for reserving the booth was 250 THB and the face painting materials cost 750 THB. Thus, the financial goal was to exceed the initial 1000 THB costs. In addition, our purpose was to increase awareness of our Club on campus through this activity. Half of the funds raised from the activity would be donated to the Wat Don Chan Orphanage and the other half used to fund the Mae La Refugee book drive and future RCPYU activities.

Total receipts including donations and in-kind contributions totaled 3332 THB. After a deduction of 750 THB of seed funding from the CMIRC Rotaract budget allotment, our net revenue was 2582 THB. Fifty percent (50%) of this amount was donated to the Wat Don Chan Orphanage.

The second project is a book drive for the children of the Mae La Refugee Camp. Funding for this project derives from revenue from the Millennial Sales Project. In addition, members would solicit book contributions from ACTSCO Bookhouse. This store, located in Chiang Mai, provides free books to those who seek them. Contributions were also solicited from other sources such as CMIRC Interact Clubs and CMIRC members. Certain members of RCPYU have local contacts with the Refugee Camp staff. After collections are made, the books will be presented to the Mae La Refugee Camp schools for distribution. The book drive ends on September 30th. Any last-minute contributions of English language books for adults and teenagers are welcomed. Delivery to the Camp is scheduled for mid-October, after final exams.

Administrative activities during September also derived from the August meeting. The members and Board finalized and approved the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws and presented both to the CMIRC Board for its affirmation/vote of consistency with its policies and those of RI. The CMIRC Board approved the Club's Constitution and Bylaws during its September 25, 2019 meeting.


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