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Report from the Rotaract Club of Payap University

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the members of Rotaract Club of Payap University. We look forward to the new year of 2020 and working on new opportunities to serve our communities. In addition, we are pleased to continue our sponsorship by the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club. We are a few months away from the first anniversary of receiving our Charter but have been actively involved in many projects and are in the process of transitioning to new leadership within the Club.

December saw the Club’s Books for Refugees project come to fruition with the delivery of our efforts to two refugee schools near Mae Sot, Thailand: Shalom Arts and Leadership College and Hsa Thoo Lei School and Orphanage. Club President Dylan (above) and CMIRC Liaison William journeyed to Mae Sot for the welcomed greetings from the local representatives. In addition to the English language books (which were immediately inserted into the library shelves, pictured below), the Club had acquired several bags of winter clothing as a result of its on-campus participation in the CMIRC’s Winter Clothing Project.

Right at the New Year, the Rotaract Club of Hong Kong Island East arrived in Chiang Mai to perform service projects with Breanna’s House of Joy Orphanage and at the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K. Kee Patient House. Members of the RCPYU have been consultants to the visitors and are joining in some of the activities while they are here in Chiang Mai. Their arrival at the Chiang Mai International Airport is pictured below with RCPYU P. Dylan second from right and Secretary Dayton on right. More about their activities in next month's bulletin.

The New Year will provide new opportunities for the Club. We look forward to the new leadership/members as the Club continues with its growth and development.


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