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Project Conclusions

By Joe Evans

Well, Tomorrow I will be taking a full truck load of warm clothing to the refugee camp, Big Thanks to Ron and Ace for taking the afternoon to sort through a veritable mountain of clothing, about 50% will ward off the cold of winter for the folks in the hills, out of that 80% were children's jackets, sweaters, hats, socks etc. So the wording on the boxes and the placement especially at Lanna school and Bangkok Hospital were great. I think focusing on schools and hospitals may be fruitful next year Shana. We delivered a truckload of adult and warm weather clothing to Sallo to be taken to the camp at his leisure, he was very appreciative. I had requested that an end date be put on the boxes so people would know when the project was over but for some reason that flew under the radar.

We are officially out of the book business, having delivered the books to Sally Golding’s friend Daniel. So nothing is stored at Alan’s house and I suggest that we do not burden him and think of the ramifications of gift elephants. It is my feeling that we should not accept anything that requires long term storage and that we think short term in many of our projects, that is not to say that we do not support institutions long term like Mae Tao Clinic or the sight program, just that we have a beginning and a thought out end to individual project initiatives. Lots more celebrations that way and a clear exit strategy that will not produce bad feelings or misunderstandings.

I feel that fortune is smiling on us, as we have left a good impression on the community and we are attracting many people of good will and character. I credit that to your efforts. I welcome any advice that would make our club better and tools that I can use to be a better President. I never saw myself in this role and I am lacking in many ways but approaching the half way mark, I want to thank all of you for your support that has made it so much easier, I am forever grateful.


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