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President's Message

By Jerry Nelson

Rotary International has announced a PEOPLE OF ACTIONcampaign. In the 18 August 2017 edition of the Rotary Weekly bulletin is written:

‘We’ve created a new global ad campaign called “People of Action.” The campaign is based on research that revealed that while many people have heard of Rotary, few actually understand what Rotary clubs do.’

CMIRC has always been a club of action. We have done an amazing amount of service, especially when you consider that we are still less than 4 years old! Let’s take a moment and review a couple of inspiring accomplishments:

Rotarian Optometrist Peter Bell’s Children’s Sight Project (CSP) has moved beyond being solely a CMIRC project. The CSP has evolved and is now working with as many as 7 Rotary Clubs, with each club taking responsibly for their own CSP clinics. Peter has built a strong collaboration between the clubs he works with. CMIRC is proud to have spawned the CSP and honors Peter as a man of action. Congratulations Peter!

Rotarian John Schorr Ph.D. is the champion of the CMIRC Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program. He has taken the fact that drowning is the leading cause of death among children and turned it into a marvelous project which won an award for best service project from District 3360. He has secured a great relationship with Safe Child Thailand which will result in the expansion of the program. He has also been selected to make a presentation at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention to be held in Vancouver, Canada in October. Further, John serves as both the club Treasurer and is our President Elect. John Schorr is a man of action!

Every member of the CMIRC board of directors is currently wearing at least two hats. We are people of action and we are passionate about this club and Rotary as a whole!

American screen star Lily Tomlin is quoted as having said “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody”. I suggest to you that every member of CMIRC is somebody and that as Rotarians we are uniquely positioned to do something. For each of us that something will be different because we are in fact different people. Here is a short list of things that can make a big difference:

Remembering the excellent workshop on membership at our meeting of August 15th, invite a friend to attend our next regular meeting on 19 September. Maybe that friend will become a Rotarian and maybe he or she will make an incredible difference.

We need people to step up and accept club service commitments. Some opportunities that are on the horizon include:

  • Greeter / Receptionist – It’s only two times a month. The receptionist is the first person a visitor meets.

  • Public Information – Subcommittee chair under Membership Committee will involve some work including the coordination or actual composition of articles for news media, club bulletins and social media.

  • Foundations Chair – This is a board position and will definitely require a person of action, a dedicated Rotarian who can further CMIRC’s Rotary Foundation Actions!

  • City Life Garden Fair - This fundraiser needs a champion to organize the collection of items to sell and oversee the day.

PEOPLE OF ACTION: We need all hands on deck to make the upcoming Dazzling Disco Saturday Night a huge success!


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