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November's Food Initiatives

Approximately 9% (663 million people) of the world's population is estimated to be undernourished. With the ongoing Covid and Climate crises these numbers are not improving. So, we have lots of opportunity to help hungry people. CMIRC raised 86,799 baht with 23 hours of volunteer time to continue helping with our Food Initiative in November.

In November, we supplied the Human Rights Development Foundation with 300 bags, each containing two kg of rice, three cans of fish, six packages of noodles, oil, fish oil, milk and sanitary napkins. This effort helped to support a Mae Ai migrant work camp in quarantine due to Covid 19. Urban Light community center for boys at risk of exploitation dedicated staff continues their community support to help the out-of-work hungry in the central city. CMIRC is donating nonperishable food items to the community center per their request.

Many thanks to all the people helping others!


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