Mae Tao Clinic Update

There is a certain magic to spending a day, or more at Mae Tao Clinic. Many have told me how just one short visit has impacted their view on the border situation. Anyone interested in seeing the clinic for themselves are invited to contact me. Dates are still tentative but the next time I’m there will likely be in mid-February.

On 17 December CMIRC members Tom Johnson, Bob Carroll, Christian Bollier and Jerry Nelson visited the Mae Tao Clinic. Highlights of the day included:

A very brief hello with Dr. Cynthia was the last thing that happened before we retired for the evening with our heads overloaded with information and our hearts bursting with admiration for what has been and what is being accomplished at the Mae Tao Clinic . Let’s go back to the morning and take you through the day.

When we arrived, Christian and is ingenious friend Steve Mallow went directly to the Children’s recreation room to prepare for Mae Tao’s fist performance of the Babar game. Later in the morning, those of us who were touring the clinic had the opportunity to see the first performance. It was marvelous, the children had a great time!

The Children Playing with their masks

The Game Participants

The rest of us were taken on a tour of the clinic, which offers a wide variety of services. Rather than trying to explain all this in one article, I invite those readers who are not familiar with Mae Tao Clinic to visit their website and Facebook page.

My favorite stop is always the new born babies. Here I find hope in the renewal of life. This trip I met Se Sen Kro who was then a mere 6 hours of age. Her older sister was also born in the clinic; she is now in grade 4.