Mae Tao Clinic Report For February

The Mae Tao Clinic/Child Protection Department/Child Development Center is the oldest project of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club. Those interested in the history are invited to read past bulletins and our running story on our website. Also, please visit Mae Tao Clinic’s www.maetaoclinic.org.

Direct from the Mae Tao Clinic

A really cute Holiday Message from Mae Tao Clinic:

January Tour: Rotarians and their families from three clubs from three continents assembled and went to Mae Tao Clinic for the 1 – 3 January Tour. It was great. The first evening we shared a meal at Khao Mao Khao Fang. In fact, due to being in town over the New Years holiday when many places were closed, we ended up having dinner together there two nights in a row. We all agreed, if you must have dinner at the same place two nights in a row, this would be the place.

On Thursday morning we visited CPPCR where we learned about some of the most important Child Protection activities in the area. At this point the believe that approximately 70% of child abuse cases are reported, an improvement over past years. People renting and drugging babies for begging on the border is still an issue. We are reminded not to give to these beggars, no matter how desperate they appear.

We also visited the office of Burma Operations & Ethnic Health System Strengthening Group (EHSSG) and learned about Mae Tao Clinic’s activities inside Myanmar. MTC is one of the primary members of EHSSG. Currently they serve a target population of approximately 837,000 at 296 service sites in 3,463 villages and 64 townships. Last year’s case load was over 288,000. Their challenges include an unsustainable peace in an unstable political situation. Funding is largely not secured, and their health workers are not recognized or accredited in Burma. Still, they do amazing work! On the near horizon for them will be Management Intern Training. More news about that as it develops.