Mae Tao Clinic

By Jerry Nelson

At its humble beginning back in the 1980’s The Mae Tao Clinic was a very simple, one room building with only a rice cooker to sterilize instruments. Today Mae Tao Clinic provides health care to over 150,000 displaced people per year.

The Child Recreation Center at the old campus. Very subject to flooding!

Did you know that the Mae Tao clinic provides free medical service to Burmese immigrants and displaced persons along the Thai / Myanmar border in Tak province? They see between 300 and 400 patients a day, six days a week! Many travel great distances to be seen at the Mae Tao Clinic, where they can receive quality medical care in a safe environment. There is no financial obligation for the patients, this health care is funded by donors some large and some small.

Did you know that many big donors have re-directed their giving to within Myanmar, leaving Dr. Cynthia Maung and her team with horrendous funding shortfalls? While there has been some progress in Burma, many citizens are still ostracized by the government. They continue to come to Mae Tao Clinic because other options are not yet available. The most optimistic predictions indicate that the Mae Tao Clinic will be an absolute necessity for at least the next five years. Most feel the clinic will be needed for at least the next 10 years.

After years in the planning stage and construction since 2011, the new campus of Mae Tao Clinic officially opened 28 May 2016. However construction continues. It is anticipated that the full campus will be finished in approximately 2 years (2018). The lease on the old campus will continue to be in effect until the end of 2017. In the meantime that area is being used for training rooms and temporary housing. The acupuncture clinic and the prosthetics lab are still at the old campus and will move in the future.

Mae Tao Clinic has expanded its scope of service to three main areas: Health Services, Training and Child Protection. Learn more at www.maetaoclinic.org The things they are accomplishing is truly amazing!

From the CMIRC’s inception, we have continually tried to support the Mae Tao Clinic We realize that as a small club we can’t possibly do all that’s needed. That said, there is much we have done, are doing and will do in the future. We actively seek other Rotary Clubs to help Mae Tao Clinic. Mae Tao Clinic touches on all six areas of Focus.