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Helping the Hungry in October 2021

We are all praying that COVID-19 is contained and life gets back to normal both here in Chiang Mai and around the world. For some of us there are inconveniences and others struggling to survive. Since the beginning of the pandemic CMIRC has distributed food/meals valued at nearly 800,000 baht and our efforts continue.

Currently we are focusing on two initiatives. With the first we assemble 100 food bags for migrant labor work camps in Chiang Mai, which house many out-of-work people on the margins of society. Each bag contains 2 kg of rice, 2 cans of fish, 6 packages of noodles, cooking oil, fish oil, milk, seasoning and sanitary napkins. We are coordinating the with Human Rights and Development Foundation and Chiang Mai Trust for distribution of the assembled bags. Often the recipients receive the bags with tears in their eyes and much expression of happiness.

Our second initiative is with Urban Light, a community center for boys and young men at risk of exploitation. Currently, their dedicated staff are not able to provide their core services due to COVID-19. Instead, they are providing meals for more than 300 families in need. CMIRC is donating nonperishable food items to the community center per their request.

During the month of October, CMIRC donated food valued at 37,364 baht and contributed 32 volunteer hours. 20,000 baht of that amount was from the club's General Fund, with the rest from cash donations and a voucher from the Thai government. Recently, the Board of CMIRC voted to increase the club's contribution to 40,000 baht/month. The need with both initiatives is vast, especially at the migrant labor camps. Any additional cash donations will be put to immediate use.

Please take a moment and think of an action to help someone struggling. If you take that action what for you is merely an inconvenience may create joy for someone. Thank you for your support!

Volunteer hours in October: CMIRC members - 14, Friends of CMIRC - 6


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