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Helping the Chiang Mai Food Bank

These are challenging times for many people and these challenges require some innovation.

Please don’t let that leftover food sit in your refrigerator when it can be turned into a meal for those who are most in need right now. You can contact #LastMinuteFood The #ChiangmaiFoodBank team #AcceptLeftoverFood including fresh or dry food, fruit and vegetables (even if not in perfect condition), rice, eggs, bread, packaged food that’s near its expiration date, cooked food (not spoiled), dried chili, onions, garlic, eggplants, instant noodles, canned fish, limes, etc. Basically, any edible foods, of any quantity.

As part of the project, they are looking to rent a freezer short-term (around two months). Please contact them if you can assist with this need. #ChiangMaiMustSurvive #EveryoneMustSurvive. All donated food will be sorted by their team before being distributed to three initial groups of people in need.

  • The urban poor - in the Samakhi Pattana community there are sixty households in difficulty and in the Khlong Ngern community, twenty-one households.

  • Immigrant workers - at the laborers camp in Saraphi (thirty people)

  • Workers camp at Phu Kham community (forty people)

They have a Facebook page with more up to date information.

The team will be accepting food and or cash donations from 1 pm until 9 pm at the North Gate Jazz Co-Op in Old City.

Or, write to us at the Chiangmai Trust Facebook page

You can also call Kit on 086-910-5388, Por 098-156-1519 to answer questions and offer cash donations.

Editor's note: CMIRC donated 20,000 baht last month and again this month to CM Trust's Food Bank program. Photos are of some of the items purchased with our funds.


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