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Grant Management Seminar

The CMIRC Foundation Chair encourages any Rotarian interested in championing a Global Grant to complete this on-line Global Grant Seminar, including the club qualification quiz. In addition, the club’s president, president elect, treasurer and foundation committee are encouraged to complete the seminar, including the club qualification quiz.

What follows is an extract of the summary of the Grant Management seminar:

About this Learning Plan

Interested in applying for a global grant? These courses can serve as part of the required training on grants in order to qualify your club to apply for global grants. Check with your district on their specific requirements about training. These courses will look at a grant from start to finish. It's best to take these courses before you start thinking about the type of global grant activity you want to do. 

Grant Management Overview

Learn why grant management is an integral part of a successful global grant and get a comprehensive overview of what it involves.

Duration 15 min

Planning for Sustainability

Well-planned Rotary grant projects can make lasting impacts on communities across the globe. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your plans to ensure that community members can maintain the project long after the grant funding ends.

Duration: 15 min

Editors Note:  CP Roger is the club's Foundation Chair. He is pictured, above, with Dr. Busabong of the District's Foundation Committee at the recent Foundation/Membership/Branding "Vibrant Club Workshop" in Uttaradit.

Conducting a Community Assessment

The most successful projects work with a community to identify a need, how best to address it, and what resources are available. In this course, you’ll learn the importance of community assessments, learn the best practices, and get resources for conducting your own assessment.

Duration: 15 min

Project Planning

Use the results of your community assessment to start planning your project. In this course, you’ll learn the importance of project planning and the best practices to incorporate.

Duration: 15 min


Get tips for planning a global grant scholarship.

Duration: 15 min

Roles and Responsibilities

Planning your global grant project includes finding all the resources you’ll need to ensure success. Work with your partners to design a project that will have a sustainable impact, and gather resources early.

Duration: 15 min

Financial Management

Learn the importance of a financial management plan and how to prepare one to help you manage your grant funds effectively.

Duration: 15 min


Learn how to report progress toward your measurable goals, give details on the monitoring and evaluation of your project, demonstrate your financial stewardship, and provide feedback on your successes and challenges.

Duration: 45 min

Club Qualification

Review the club memorandum of understanding and learn the best practices for implementing each section. After you’ve finished this course, you’ll be asked to take a quiz to review the information you’ve learned in the Grant Management Seminar. Check with your district on their specific requirements around training.

Duration: 15 min


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