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Children's Winter Clothing Appeal 2022 Ends With A Great Success

We are excited to announce that the collection phase of the Children's Winter Clothing Appeal 2022 ended on December 1. This means that the best part - delivering your generous donations to children, and youth in need - is yet to come!

The amount of donations has reached a new record this year.

We are grateful to the Chiang Mai community, our Project Partners, Rimping Supermarkets, and Makro, our loyal supporters, fellow club members, family and friends, without whom this initiative could not have evolved to such an extent.

Special thanks to our enthusiastic Project Champion, Dylan (aka Hubby, see above), who reached a superhuman status with his ability to go out every day in rain and shine. Dylan collected and moved an incredible quantity of warm clothes, blankets, shoes, and toys in six weeks. Special mentions go to Rotarian Gary Herman, Charter President Roger Lindley, Past President John Schorr, and former CMIRC Rotarian Alan Dick of Siam Move Management Services who were there for us when Dylan needed to take a break to celebrate Thanksgiving with our big family of eight.

Upper row: Nalina Pongtin and her friend, both featherweight, moving hundreds of kilos on the left.

Rotarian Gary Herman, on the right.

Below: Rotarian Gary Herman smiling, on the left. Alan Dick in action, on the right.

Our first delivery destination was the Burma Children Medical Fund B.K. Kee Patient House. The Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) was established in 2006 in response to the increasing number of patients on the Thai-Burma border who required surgery that was not available at local clinics or hospitals. The B.K. Kee Patient House is a smaller-scale version of the Ronald McDonald House program, which shares a common goal to keep children and families together when facing a health crisis that involves medical services unavailable near their homes.

We will continue distributing your generous donations to hill tribes, migrants, and refugee villages throughout Northern Thailand. Please follow the CMIRC Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on where we deliver.

Since our 2022 Children's Winter Clothing Appeal has ended, we kindly ask you not to leave further donations at Rimping or Makro stores. If you still have spare clothes, we recommend taking them to the Free Bird Cafe Donation Center.

The donation boxes will go out again on October 15, 2023. See you then!


We had a last-minute collection from Chiang Mai University Demonstration School (Sathit CMU) where the students were eager to meet Project Champion Dylan and hear more about what purpose their donations serve and where and whom the donations were going to.


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